Is this legal?

Absolutely! I show you how to win playing within a casinos’ own rules.

Does this involve Dice Control and/or Dice Setting?

Yes. However, it’s much more than just how you control the dice or set them. Dice Control and/or Dice Setting alone won’t allow you to beat craps. There are a few factors required to win, and missing any one of these can ruin your game.

Is this whole thing a new betting system?

Nope.  Betting systems alone will never work in the long run.  I used to work with some amazing mathematical geniuses in the casino industry.  They’ve thought of every angle – trust me.  I do, however, have some interesting betting systems. But, they’re only meant to work for the Skilled Shooter.  Being a Skilled Shooter is what I teach you to become inside of NinjaCraps.com

I’m new to craps…  Is this difficult to learn?

Not at all.  I’ll take the intimidation right out of the game by bringing you up to speed with some very simple instructions.  You learn at your own pace, and have myself and many other helpful players guiding you along the way.  You’re not alone, and you’ll have a complete community to support you.

If I start winning, won’t casinos ban me?

Not with the methods found in this course. I go over this exact thing throughout the course. In Module 2: Dice Setting – I’ll show you a truly ninja way to set the dice. It’s completely undetectable by anyone – including seasoned pros! In Module 3: Working the Toss – I show you a few ways to toss the dice that do not raise any red flags that you’re a Skilled Shooter. And in Module 5: Betting, I show you how to squeeze the most profit from casinos without them ever raising a brow. Bottom line is you’ll learn how to win and fly under the radar without having to be sneaky.

Do I need a huge bankroll to start?

Not at all. $100 works just fine, though you’ll have to follow a more conservative strategy found in Module 5: Betting. Of course, your risk of ruin lowers as your bankroll increases. I show strategies for both small and big bankrolls.

How quickly can I expect to start winning at craps?

I can say, some people can start winning the same day by just applying a change or two, and others might not ever win consistently at all.  This is like asking “If I go to college, can I become a CEO?”.  For some yes, for some no.  It all depends on the individual.  This depends on so many factors:  You’re experience, how long it takes you to go through the videos and implement, how much you practice, and so much more.  But, I do want you to know myself and our community will support your progress every step of the way.  You can ask all types of people what works for them, and make it your own!  Of course, I suggest going over the videos first! 😉