Diddy (and other celebrities) losing big money at craps

Diddy (and other celebrities) losing big money at craps

Sean Combs AKA P. Diddy lost $1 Million bucks, last month, playing craps against his friend, Rick Ross. (Seriously)
Looks like he just kept ‘doubling or nothing’, till it reached $1M.
I guess the Martingale progressions won’t even work for the rich and famous.

However, it’s no big deal to Mr. Diddy, stating: “it aint nothin” – I wish!

He’s not the only celebrity that enjoys the rolling the bones…

Here’s a few more famous (non-skilled) dice shooters:
Michael Jordan

Known the world over for being the greatest Basketball player of all time.
He’s also known for winning/losing millions at gambling – including craps.

Charles Barkley

Another great Basketball player is not quiet about losing a lot at Black Jack and
the craps pits. As a matter of fact – he’s lost over $10 million!

John McCain

Funny as it sounds, the same person who voted for the 1998 Internet Gambling Amendment, making it illegal to gamble online (glad it didn’t pass), was also outed for his craps ‘habit’. I thought I’ve played hard… However, the Senator has me beat by having been known to play 12-24 hours straight! (Jeez)

Phil Ivey

A big name in Poker is also a big craps player. He’s another who’s been known to have million dollar losing sessions. (Comes and goes, I guess)

Mike Ashley

Multi-millionaire, and owner of Newcastle United football club was reported losing £1 Million just a few hours after first buying in.  He started off strong, but then things just took a nose dive.  Gotta love his persistence.  I doubt this billionaire barely winked at his losses.

Ben Affleck

Not really known for being a craps player, but his legendary $800,000 winnings at Black Jack is very worth noting.
But, particularly, his tipping has made news. One of the coolest moves I’ve heard of any kind of player, Mr Affleck tipped the dealers $150,000 – That’s nearly 20% of his winnings!
To put things in perspective – Most investors work relentlessly to make a 10% profit, so you can see 20% is incredibly generous.

What do all these celebrities have in common?  They’re in desperate need to learn dice control!

OK, maybe not.  They probably don’t have the time it takes to practice with their busy lives in the spotlight – but it wouldn’t hurt.

Probably, all the better they don’t know Dice Control.  Can you imagine them killing the casinos for millions and making the news bragging about their new skills?

Let’s just continue making our quiet fortunes in our nice underground community.

But, if any of these mega rich and famous giants are playing at your table, make sure to show ’em how it’s done.


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