How You Can Turn $100 Into $30,000 In 60 Days Playing Craps – My New Book!

My New Amazon Book!

Ever wonder why most people who play craps never make any significant amount of money?

It’s mostly due to the fact that players keep playing till they get tired, lose all their money, or win big.
This isn’t the best approach to making serious money at craps.

In my new book called “How You Can Turn $100 Into $30,000 In 60 Days Playing Craps”, I go over how to win strategically.  With a little patience, skill and discipline it isn’t hard to make some real cash at craps.

And if you’re even slightly skilled at controlling the dice, I have a section in the book that almost assures you’ll reach the goal of $30K!  Of course, if you’re a random shooter who just shakes the dice, the chances are much more slim.
It can happen, though, if you’re seriously lucky – and some people are!

I’ll be adding the material found in the book into the members area soon.

However, if you can’t wait, click the image below!

You can download it to your Kindle, iPad, PC, Mac, anywhere!
Amazon provides a free Kindle Reader here.  And any mobile devices should have them in their app stores.

If you read it and have started your journey – leave comments below and tell everyone how you’re doing!


– Master Setter

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