Ninja Craps Forum Is Now Open!

Today I’ve finalized launching the Forum for our members’ area.

All students will now have a place to converse with myself and other members.

Members can now:

  • Go over specific lessons found in the members’ area.  Ask me, or other members any questions that will help you get good at a particular lesson
  • Set meet ups to play at casinos, start teams, etc
  • Brag about their best craps adventure.  We all have ’em and it’s a whole lot of fun reading them!  And if it’s not so great, the community will know what casinos to stay away from
  • Just help each other out to be the best craps player possible.  Our members are elite players and can help each other and craps newcomers to become the best a player can be

Members can now find a link inside the members area and will be led to the forum.


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