Custom Set and Betting Strategy Service

Let me personally create your custom set and custom betting strategy!

Once you have a great toss and getting consistent numbers, the next steps are to create a custom set AND betting strategy that supports that set and maximizes your player’s edge.

I can take these tasks off your plate for you.

I’m creating this service until my software is ready – which will do exactly the same thing.
I’ve done this for friends, family and Live students with game-altering results!!!

Honestly, I don’t know how long I’ll be doing this since this is a brand new service I’m offering.
Demand may shoot through the roof, or not enough folks might be interested.
Either way, this may not be up for too long, so if this interests you, definitely jump on this today.

What you’ll receive:

  1. Two custom sets – one for the Come Out and one for the Point Cycle, where I weed through the sets my software produces and pick only the two money makers
  2. I’ll work on a betting strategy, based on your preference (Dark Side vs Pass Side) – where based on your rolls/data+new custom set, you’ll have the maximum player’s edge
  3. A ‘Gauge’ number.  I’ll give you the number with the very lowest probability of rolling based on your tosses.  If you roll this number, you’ll know you’re “Off” that day and may want to stop playing since your new sets won’t work well.  This can literally save your bankroll until you’ve rested and can come back strong.
  4. All this in a nicely formatted PDF report that I email to the address of payment

Minimum Requirements for Maximum Results:

  • A consistency score of at least 2 – a higher score allows more probability of success with your new custom sets and a higher players’ edge.  A score of 1 means you’re still random, and any custom set I create will not help your game at all.
  • Lots of logged rolls.  Make sure to have at least 2,500-3,600 rolls (8k+ preferred).  If you only have 500 rolls with a high consistency score, I’ll be happy to complete this service for you – but only with the mutual understanding that the sets and bets I produce may not be as effective as a log of 2,500+ rolls would produce.
  • Understanding that the custom sets and bets I produce for you will reflect the data you provide.  They’re only as good as the log data given to me.  Please make sure you’re happy with the log data (ex. no corrupted data points by mixing up the left die with the right die, etc)
  • Understanding that the custom sets/bets will be tailored to the conditions of the table on which you were collecting data.  Please make sure your practice rig or craps table has the same conditions (bounciness, length, etc) as the casino you intend to use the sets/bets.  Otherwise, the sets/bets may not work at the live casino, but may work great on your practice rig.  Make sure your rig (and dice) closely match your favorite casino to greatly increase the probability of getting the same results at a live casino.
  • Each log of data I’ll be analyzing should be from only one set of conditions.  For example, if you logged your rolls shooting from SR1, on a 12′ table with a hard surface, then make sure not to mix that data with rolls logged from SR3 on a 14′ table.  Mixing variables will invalidate your data and produce irrelevant custom sets that won’t work at all.  This service is for one set of conditions.  This is for your benefit since it doesn’t take me any longer analyzing more data points.  I just want to make sure I deliver the very best custom set and betting strategy for you.

Please remember though my software analyzes your toss and provides me a list of custom sets, I still have to manually weed through the sets to ensure you receive only the very best.
Then I need to manually test a couple of betting strategies that will work with those sets and produce a maximum player’s edge.

Since this is a manual process, please allow 1-2 business days for delivery.  If I’m on a trip or vacation, I’ll make sure to let you know exactly when to expect delivery.

I look forward to helping you with your game and helping you cross the finish line with this service!

It’s only $32 for now, so make sure to jump on this while you can.
(Price may also rise depending on demand)

1) Download this file, then add your rolls to it, and ‘Save As’ CSV (only please): Click Here for Roll Log Template
2) Send log by replying to the email I send you verifying your purchase (email used after clicking the “Buy Now” button below)

Consistency score:
Dark Side or Right Side?:


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